The Universal Spirit of Guidance

Meditation Hall - AbodeThis is a talk Pir Zia gave at the Abode of the Message the evening of Thursday, March 5th, 2015. The talk’s theme is the universal spirit of guidance. As with any spiritual teaching, it can be listened to more than once to realize a fuller unfoldment of the message.

Pir Zia shares quotes on the spirit of guidance relating to the subtle centers, called in Sufism the Lataif, which is the plural form, singular Latifa. He starts with the Latifa Qalbiyya, corresponding to the physical heart, on the left side of the chest. Then he moves to the Latifa Ruhiyya on the right side of the chest and on to the Latifa Sirriya in the center of the chest. Lastly, he moves to the Latifa Khafiya, between the eyebrows on the forehead and the Latifa Akhfaya, corresponding to the crown center.

Length: 27 minutes